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Love Which Betrayed Me Badly

Posted on Sunday, 2 September 2012 | 1 Comment

It was in May 1998 while I was employed in Karachi I got telephone  Number of Baqai Medical College’s Girls Hostel (Malir) from a friend of mine. One lucky day I was having some spare time so I dialed this number. It was received by a melodious girl. Initially she did not let me know her name or any such thing but I was able to find out that her name is Maimoona Iqbal, 4th year MBBS. Later when I met her, I found her to be quite charming and I began to enjoy her company. We used to talk daily for one hour, thrice a day.
After several dates which involved kissing at the maximum, I thought for plan which could finally shed her inhibitions. I arranged for guest-house on the beach and took her there on the flimsy excuse of celebrating my raise in pay. She did not come alone but with her room-mate, Ambreen (from Islamabad).She was girl-friend of a friend of mine,Haroon, so I called him then. We were there well before evening and enjoyed fully by bathing in water. Then at times I got the opportunity to "accidentally" touch her 36" breasts and to do some more hanky panky.
Four of us come out of the water and sit on the railing. It was full moon night and the pleasant wind made the atmosphere more romantic. We started fondling with each other, kissing/messaging every part of the others body. I took her inside the room whereas the other couple stayed there. Lust for each other forced us to remove our clothes in a few seconds and I found myself playing with her breasts. She had a well-shaved pussy about which she later told me that she had an idea what will happen here on the beach. The foreplay continued till she started emitting heat waves and finally I gave a new dimension to our love by inserting my pole in her. Obviously this was not her first time as there was no bleeding. Infect she was an expert in it. She was moving her inner lips in a way that I never experienced and it also gave a soothing effect. We used various styles, techniques and did it 5 times.
Next week I was by the company on an official trip outside the country for 2 months and when I contacted her again she did not even came on telephone. I think she owes me an explanation for this betrayal instead she made a complaint to my incharge and threatened further actions. So I kept quite and felt myself instable and lonely since then.
I knew you are now in Jaddah so I can narrate my bitter experience to the audience of desibaba safely. Thanks to the management for keeping this site free and update. I will also ask other readers to narrate their personnel experiences freely for the betterment of readers.
Girls and women living in/near Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad can contact me at nina76_2002@yahoo.com.


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