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I am from Tamilnadu

Posted on Saturday, 1 September 2012 | 2 Comments

This is Aryans ,aged 21 from TamilNadu(India)... i am 6ft tall , wheatish - lemon coloured in complexion ...with 42' built chest , 28' hips , 36' butts , 13.5'arms and 23' thighs...and I have done my graduation in Visual Communication ( i think this much of my introduction is enough) ..i am a regular reader of desipapa stories section and i have got around more than 300 story files and pics in my porn collections... i have a crush for busty girls and womens...
she is 5ft tall , 60kgs weight , and is a proud owner of a vital stats 37,30,39... she is lemon colored in complexion , curly long haired ... and is doin her +2.... she is very fleshy and fleshy in the right regions .... and would be looking very gorgeous ... it is my favourite fantasy to see her in skirts and half-sarees and in full-sarrees... we know each other pretty well and she always likes me and in the same way i too like her... her father is our family friend ...once there was a party at one of my friend's place who is known to all our family so we went there... she too had come and we were glancing at each other and were exchanging our heart's content thru eyes... then after sometime we met and quickly made out a plan and decided to abscond ... so i told my father that i was not feeling well and took my bike's key and came out of the place and was waiting a few 100 metres away for her.. she too came out of the place after reasoning to her father that she was goin to her friend's place and came to me... we decided to go to one of her friend's place where her friend is staying alone... as soon as we reached her friend's place, i was introduced to her and we spoke for a while ... then her friend handed over the keys of her room with a smile in her face and she took my mail-id and my contact number and left...we entered her room and now myself and she both were alone in that room...
she hurried into the bathroom and after 15 mins or so... she came out , after having taken a bath and was in a half-sarree... since we were at the party i was also sweating and went to take a bath... i was jus covered by a towel round my waist... nothing on... and when i came out she was in the bed sitting and combing her hairs... i jus went near her , grabbed her by her waist... she was just in front of me and was standing very close to me... i grabbed her face with my hands and kissed her lips gently and passionately... while my left hand was moving down came to a halt on her right breast over her blouse and her sarree pallu... i started kissing her forehead , cheeks , neck while my right hand was on her left ass cheek... her ass was quite massive , very fleshy and my one hand was not enough to grab it.... by the time my right hand caught her sarree pallu and pulled it down .... to open her breasts... her blouse was still on... and she was lookin into my eyes... she wore a fron open blouse ... i opened her blouse hooks one-by-one she caught my hand while i was unbuttoning her blouse but there was no strenght in her hands... i opened her blouse to see her 37' boobs... wow.. they were very soft , fleshy , lemon in color , swollen and was still inside her bra... she was wearing a black strapped bra... i pulled her blouse and she helped my in removing it... now i caught her by my hands with my both hands on either side under her arms.. and i caught her bra hooks i was kissing her deep valley inbetween her boobs... her fleshy boobs were touching my shoulders and were very hardly pushing my shoulders.... i removed her bra hooks.. i made her lie on the bed and removed her bra by pulling it upwards and she helped in taking out that... i started kissing her boobs and my mouth started sucking her breasts while my right hand was caressing her left boob... her boobs were very fleshy and was gaining its strength as i could feel her heavy breathing... i alternated between her boobs sucking one and fondling the other...
i cud feel the heat inbetween my thighs as my right leg was inbetwen her legs... while i was busy sucking her left boob my right hand was finding its way into her (skirt) 'paavadai' and her petticoat and was deep reaching her pussy region... then i took out my right hand and pulled her skirt upwards to reveal her thighs ... my penis was gaining its strength and i was contracting my abdominal muscles not to ejaculate so soon... then i started kissing her waist while my right hand was busy in removing her skirt's knot , followed by her pettycoat .. she was not wearing a panty inside and her pussy was clean and shaven... then i started licking her pussy parting her cunt lips... the aroma of her cunt was driviing me crazy while my hands were busy massaging her thighs... she caught my head in her palms and pulled it more towards her pussy as to take more of it... her cunt juices started flowing and was wetting my face ...i felt my lips were very slippery and my penis was in full swing.. and would even tore anything if comes in its way... i stood up on mt knees and put two pillows under her waist and started inserting my penis her cunt hole... there was not much lubrication and i spit some of my saliva , made my penis wet and then pushed it in... since already her cunt juices started flowing , it added to the lubrication and i started pushing it all the way in... she was shouting like 'aaa aahmmmmm mmmm aiyo ... innum ulla.. '... and i was driving her... i cud see tears in her eyes as she was unable to with stand the painfull pleasure...
but i didn't stop.. i continued thrusting my penis in and out .. then i took my penis out , rubbed its head on her pussy walls and then with one push i stepped in her cunt hole again... then again i started pumping in and out ... i was thrusting in and out for about 5 minutes or so... i felt like i was about to cum... i took my penis out and came all over her breast ...with the forct it came out some of my juice fell on her face too ... then i fell on her laid in her shoulders... we both were completley exhausted... we had to leave soon as the party might be over by that time so we stood and dressed ourselves and i dropped her at her home... and came back to my home..we have done many times sex after that ... and whenever we meet ,i used to shave her pussy and she used to shave my prick ... my mail-id is aryan_aryanin@yahoo.co.in


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