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Posted on Saturday, 1 September 2012 | 3 Comments

Hi friends, my name is AMIT. I am going to share my experience with u. it was a wonderful experience of my life till now. Hope u too will like it.
I am a 25-yr. old well- built guy. Due to my work- profile I have to travel between Hyderabad and Bangalore. It happened with me when I was in Hyderabad in march 2002. I was used to chatting. One day, I was chatting in one of the user rooms named "Hyderabad College girls". I found one of the id interested sent message. She responded. She told many things about her. We chatted many times and in this way, I was able to know a lot about her. One day, I shifted my topic to sex and she agreed. We talked about our likes, dislikes etc about sex. She was a 23 yr. old girl residing in Hyderabad. She was doing her degree course, she told me that she was not a virgin. She had sex a couple of times. I also told her about my experiences. We used to chat dirty whenever we chatted.
She told me she liked everything like oral sex, kinky, masturbation, anal etc. one day, she told that she is planning to make a wild orgy one day with 4-5 persons and also she wanted to make a threesome. I asked her if she wanted me regarding this . she said no (may be she was not much aware about me). This way, it continued for abut two months. Later on, we started to quit chatting and she also left. I didn’t find her online much. After about 20-25 days, I found her offline message .she asked me whether I was interested in making a threesome with her and one of her friend. She also asked if yes, then I w’d have to spend some money. I quickly agreed to this as for me, money was not a big issue for this wonderful experience and also I have never made it with two girls . So it was a good opportunity for me to satisfy my wild fantasy to make a threesome. On the same day, I replied in yes and asked how I have to pay the money.. Where to meet? She replied after two days that her one of very close friend is coming from Delhi. She will be staying in Hyderabad for a week. Also during the same time her landlord where she was staying w’d be going to their native place for about 10days. Then we can make it. I had no objection. She also told me she didn’t need the money in cash but she told me to bring some of the things with me.. I said okay.. So the day was finalized.
She told me to meet at café coffee day one day. We met. She was very sexy. Having good assets. She told me she was residing as a PG in secunderabad. She told me to come on a Saturday. Also, she asked me to bring some X-rated cds, beers, cigerretes,ice creams and other such things. I said okay, I would reach. I was quiet excited.. On Saturday, we met at same coffee day. I had got my vehicle with me. I had already purchase what she told me. In the way, we purchased some snacks also.
Finally, we reached at her place. It was on the a separate house. An old couple was residing there and the have given this ground floor on rent, I mean as PG. Also, the owner of the house was familiar with her parents so u can say, this couple was like guardian of her.When we reached into the room, the door was opened by an extremely gorgeous girl in her mid 20s. She was wearing skirt and top at that time. Madhoo introduced me to her. She was Reema and was working in a s/w firm in Delhi. Well, in the mean time we managed to bring our snacks etc also from the car.
So now the show began. After couple of minutes, she played one of the CDs I have brought. Also, we took out beers. Both of them were fond of boozing .it was a xx cd. After some introduction, one erotic scene came.a guy took a girl to the bed and buried his face in the girl’s bush. As it was a xx rated so it was not clear but everyone could imagine what was going on. By that time we had already finished our 2 beers. So it started to give us a kick little bit. I looked at the girls . They were really getting excited. After some time Reema came to me , sat besides me on the sofa and started smooching me. I also responded, after continuous smooching for 5 minutes I turned to Madhoo and she also did the same. Girls really seemed to be very hot.Reema rook one of my hands and kept it on her soft boobs, a shiver ran through my body. My one hand was on Reema’s boobs and I was kissing Madhoo passionately. After some time Madhoo got up and too her t- shirt off. She was left with bra and jeans. Reema also followed. Now both of girls were semi nude from top. They came close to me and forced my head to their lovely breasts.suddenly, reema remembered something. She brought one more beer from the fridge, opened it and made pegs, we started to take the sips. By that time, scene has changed on the screen. The girl was massaging the guy,s croch with the trousers on. We were really very very excited. I was like in the seventh heaven. Then both of girls took their bra off. And brought their boobs to my face. I couldn’t believe myself. I was seeing two pairs of perfect boobs. Then they commanded, " suck these honey".
Without saying a word, I agreed and started licking and sucking those two pairs of boobs. I was sucking Reema’s boobs one time and fondling that of Madhoo’s. After some time, I reversed. This continued for next 15 minutes. After some time Reema took her skirt off. Then Madhoo followed. Now both of girls were in their panties. They also helped me to take my T-shirt and jeans off. I was on the sofa then. Reema came to me , took off her panties and asked me to come on the floor from the sofa. I did. I knelt. She came in front of me so her crotch was in front of my face. I was really thrilled at this. She has got a lovely pussy with some hair on it. I was seeing some drops of vaginal fluid also on it. She stood in such a way that her love box was against my face, just a few inches away. She said " look at my pussy". I was already looking. Then she said, " give it a kiss". I hungrily kissed her pussy several times. After kissing it for about 5 minutes she said " now lick it all over". I was already mad and started to eat her hungrily . I had gone mad. She was very wet and her juices were really nice. In the meantime, I saw one more pussy with that of Reema’s. Obviously it was Madhoo’s. She asked me to do the same for her also. I started to eat her forcefully. I kept one of hand behind Madhoo’s buttocks and started eating her forcefully. This way I was enjoying juices from two cunts and I can’t say which one was more tastier. Game continued for about 20 minutes. Both of girls were screaming in pleasure. Sounds of AAH-AAH-OO-OH were coming. After some time they asked me to stop. They looked at my crotch. My penis was fully erect and it seemed it would come out of my innerwear. Both of them laughed at this. Reema put one of his hands on my erect manhood. I was in the seventh heaven. They messaged it and after that threw my underwear down.Both of girls put their hands on my manhood. Nobody was caring for the drinks left in the glasses and the film being played. Then Reema took it in her mouth and started sucking it and Madhoo, on the other hand, started fondling my balls. I was about to come so I asked them to stop for some time. In the erect state only I took my cock out from one girl’s mouth and I asked them to rewind the CD so that we could see what we have missed. After some time while rewinding there came a scene of threesome in which a guy was on the bed totally nude. One girl was sitting on her face and the other was sucking his cock Madhoo suggested us to do in the same way. Soon we reached on the bed. I lied down on the bed and Reema poised her crotch above my face. It took some time in adjusting her pussy on my face. Soon she was sitting on my face, her cunt poised above my mouth. she started to rub her pussy on my mouth.
Madhoo, on the other hand, fondled my cock with her hands and when it became fully erect she took it in mouth. She started sucking it. I was in heaven I thought. Both of girls were screaming in pleasure. Soon juices from Reema’s lovebox started coming out on my mouth. Soon the girls changed positions. Madhoo came and sat on my face and Reema came and poised her pussy on my cock. As her pussy was already wet my cock suddenly went into her. She started moving up and down. This was a wonderful scene. Whole bed was shaking but who cares for that at this time. After few minutes Reema came and she took it out. Soon Reema’s place was taken by Madhoo and now Madhoo was fucking me. Reema came and french kissed me so that she could also taste what I was enjoying a few minutes before. After that Reema went to the bathroom. I watched here going to the bathroom totally nude and swaying her ass. After abt 15 minutes me and madhoo came togethe. I eased myself , took my cock out from her pussy and smiled at her.When Reema came out of bathroom me and Madhoo went together. She kissed me in the way and after that we wiped each other. After fresh up, we all were feeling little tired, so Madhoo brought one more beer. Again drinks were made and this time we had our snacks with the drinks We finished all this in an hour. It was 10:30 by that time.
We watched TV for some time. By 11:30 we were ready for another round. Madhoo brought one CD from her cupboard she told me it was xxx rated. She has seen it few times. She asked us to watch. It was xxx rated so everything was shown clear in it. After 2 pegs we started feeling horny again. There was a scene on TV where a guy was standing totally nude and two girls were sucking his cock. Madhoo asked me to stand up. I stood and came closer to her in such a way that my cock was inches away from her mouth. She said u have done a lot for us in the first round , now it’s our turn to return the favour. She started to suck my cock. After some time she took the glass of beer , took a sip and to, my surprise, put my cock in the glass. I was shocked a little bit as I felt cold and I didn’t expect it. She again sucked it. This, she repeated several times. She said" OH-OH IT TASTES SO SWEET,..MMM…UMM. REALLY.. Soon Reema also joined and both girls started playing with my cock. After about 20 minutes, it was again to it’s full length. Now Madhoo asked me fuck her in ass. Reema also agreed.She brought one cream from inside and applied on Madhoo’s ass and she asked me also to apply on my penis. I fucked Madhoo from behind. She was very tight. After that I fucked Reema also in the same position. After about one and a half hour we all, were very tired. We tried many positions. We did whatever one cock, two pussies, two asses could do.At 2 or 2:30, we went to sleep after having some snacks.
Next morning we got up at 12. We had our breakfast-cum-lunch at 2 and at about 2:30, we were watching TV. Soon Madhoo remembered about ice-cream I have brought. He asked me which flavors I have brought. Then he asked me which is my favorite. I said " BUTERSCOTCH". she said something in Reema’s ears and said I m going to bring ice-cream for u with a mischievous smile.. I said " okay". Then she said " there is a surprise for u. u will have to close your eyes." Then, inspite of my protest, both the girls tied a hanky with my eyes. They went inside and asked me not to open. I said,okay. After abt 10 minutes. Reema asked me to open the eyes. To my surprise what I saw was unbelievable. Madhoo was lying on the bed . Her skirt was above her waist wearing nothing. She has spread her legs wide and some ice-cream was put between her legs. It was slightly melted so flowing. I looked at Reema in surprise. She smiled naughtily and said " what r u waiting for now? Your favorite butterscotch is there. Go and have it. Hurry up, otherwise it will melt" I got up from the sofa, reached near her legs, and started to eat my favorite ice-cream. UMMM, IT WAS DELICIOUS. NOTHING I HAVE TASTED SO SWEET AND TASTY THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. I loved eating ice-cream mixed with her pussy- juices. When the ice-cream was finished, Reema brought the bowl and put some more ice-cream. After about 10 minutes, I saw Reema has also taken her jeans off and was totally nude except her upper. She came close to me, took some ice-cream from the bowl, put between her legs, and asked me to lick. OH GOD, I WAS IN THE SEVENTH HEAVEN. We made ourselves comfortable. I licked both of them for some time. Then I took off my all cloths. Girls also followed. They took off their T-shirts and tops. Now, we all were totally nude. Still some ice-cream was left. Madhoo asked me to lie down on the bed and make myself comfortable. She went inside, and returned with another bowl. She said " sorry, honey. I like vanilla most. So, I will do what I want to do with vanilla. Both girls first, fondled my croch with their hands. Then put some ice-cream and started to lick me, suck and bite my cock, OH MY GOD,THE FEELING I CAN’T EXPLAIN IN WORDS. IT WAS GREAAAAT. I WSA IN THE REAL HEAVEN. After some time we again did what we have done on the previous day. Game continued till 4:30 or 5 in the evening.
This was my heavenly experience. I stayed there one more day. We had sex like wild sex maniacs. We tried everything. It was really really great. I left on Tuesday, thanking girls for such a lifetime experience After some days I had to go to Bangalore for two months After I returned, I tried to contact Madhoo by e-mail but I didn’t get any reply. After, about, one month I got an offline message in which she wrote that she is leaving Hyderabad for ever as her parents have seen an NRI guy for her. They wanted her to get married soon. In fact, she didn’t want to marry at such a young age and wanted to continue her studies. But her parents were not willing for that. They wanted her to send abroad by getting her married. She tried to convince her parents but they didn’t agree. So she wanted to do something very special here in India before leaving India forever. That’s why she planned for that. Actually she has planned with her friend sometime earlier but was searching for a right guy. By luck, I met them and with my help she was able to make that experience REALLY UNFORGETTABLE. She also asked me not to contact her through mails. She said she herself will mail me when in need.I don’t know whether she will send me mail or not. But, one thing I can say. That experience was REALLY-REALLY SUPERB. I can’t forget it throughout my life. I will always remember MADHOO and REEMA. I still want to have this kind of wonderful experience.
So friends, that was all about my experience which I w’d call as " my life’s wonderful experience till now." Do send your comments. Also, if any of females can help me in experiencing the same thing again, then do tell me. Money is not a problem for me. Secrecy will be maintained. My id is "amitxx15@rediffmail.com". BYEEE


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