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Satisfaction to other's wife

Posted on Thursday, 30 August 2012 | 1 Comment

Hi readers this is Mahesh from Mumbai thanks mere pahale stories ko aapane bahot pyar diya sms kiye thank very much I Ammahesh 25 male have my own business I will always on tour mostly Mumbai Pune nashik hyd & rest of Maharashtra. I have come back with another story of mine One day I got an Email from Mr. Shashikant saying that he needed call boy service for her wife. I got the mail verified and we met at place and he took me to his house in his car. We reached the home and it was very big, He rang the door bell and a whitish but sexy female dressed in a blue Saree opened the door and welcomed us inside we sat on the sofa and Shashikant introduced her as his wife and said that her wife wants to be fucked by someone young and with a big cock that’s why he has hired me and he is also interested to see her wife get screwed by a someone else. The female was constantly staring at my dick. I was in a trance since this was the first time I was been hired by the husband itself then he asked me are u ready I said I m always ready as soon as she heard this word she stood up and came near me and took my hand and kept on her boobs they were huge I could not hold it with my hand and she looked and smiled at her hubby then I stood up and removed her Saree and she was now only with her skirt and blouse I started to massage her boobs slowly and she closed her eyes and started to moan slowly Hmmmmm Ohhhh.

Then placed a kiss on her lips and sucked her lips at the same time still gently massaging her boobs and let our saliva exchange in our mouths and then turned her towards her hubby and I stood back of her and started to kiss her neck and slowly bite her ears and she made a sound ouch. I undressed myself and she also started to undress and she removed her bra also and stood with only on with white panties and her hubby had removed his cock out and it was around 5 inches only and very thin was stroking it... So now I went in front and caught hold both of her boobs and licked her right nipple with my tongue and made circles around her areola and her nipples began to grow as long as an inch and then put her sweet brown nipple in my mouth and sucked her milk jugs. She was moaning loudly in front of her hubby Ohhhh slowly please slowly Oooo maaa ohh maaa and I was also caressing her ass and then I changed the side and continued with the other the same thing I sucked her breast for about 10 minutes each and then and then pushed her on the sofa and remove her panties her pussy was neatly shaven and very cute looking pussy with a brown upper lips and very pink inner lips and completely wet and her juices had dripped down till her as hole I kissed on her left thigh first and then on her right and then licked all the left juices that were dripped on her thighs and slowly moved up till I reached her crotch.

Gently placed a kiss on her pussy and her body and she started to shiver and I looked at her hubby her hubby had already had an orgasm and his face had all become red and then I began to continue my work I licked the pussy for about five times like a dog. She was really enjoying it and making sounds ohhhhh maaa stop killing me please and then I opened her pussy and began to eat her wet and juicy pussy and within minutes with a loud noise ahhhhhh she chummed directly on my face and she looked at me and said this was her life’s first orgasm. And I licked her pussy dry and then stood up and asked her to blow me she took my penis which was about 7 inch and she kneeled down and she put my dick in her mouth and started to suck it and she was very good at sucking cock she sucked me for about 10 minutes and asked her to let go or I will cut in her mouth, she did not bother with a scream I chummed directly into her mouth and her mouth was filled with my cum and she opened her mouth and showed the cum in her mouth to her hubby and swallowed it. And then again I moved down to her pussy and opened the hood covering her clit and concentrated on the clit and I continued to suck it.

She was enjoying and at the same time begging at me and crying to stop but I continued to suck her clit till she chummed once again and then I took my dick and placed it near her pussy and slapped at her pussy she begged me to fuck her but I was still teasing her then I took the tip of my cock and gently rubbed it against her clit and to my surprise within seconds she chummed again. And now it was time to make her scream so slowly I pushed my cock two inch inside her pussy she screamed loudly in pain saying me to stop and that she can’t take any more inside because it was very big for her so I removed it and then fingered her pussy for some time and then pushed again with a full thrust and she screamed ohh maaaaaaaaa and it went completely inside and I moveda my dick slowly in and out and now she began to like the size so I slowly increased my speed and I banged her for about 10 minutes and both of us were making noises and that too in front of her hubby and then I removed my cock out from her pussy and put in her mouth for a min and then told her to ride me.

So I got up and sat on the sofa and made her sit on my lap and pushed my dick inside her hole and rode me like a horse and finally I cummed in her pussy itself her pussy was completely filled with my pussy and then I stood up and she was lying on the sofa and her hubby came near her and licked her pussy with my cum dripping from it and then he put his cock inside her and then he banged her and within a few minutes he cummed inside her and then I got dressed up and she said she had a wonderful fuck and I asked the couple were they satisfied and they said yes very much, because satisfaction is very important to me and they paid me cash and they said I do more work and I charge very little I laughed and then left for home and they had called me again for several more sessions and thank you for reading my life stories and please rate my story and if any comments or any females, couples, widows want to contact me for real fun or satisfaction (100%) mail with your details to maheshkakad16@gmail.com Females don’t hesitate.


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