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Hot Girls Of My College

Posted on Friday, 31 August 2012 | 1 Comment

This happened when I changed my college in my 2nd year. I was new in the class and I was admitted late since I changed the college. The story starts now. There were many girls in my class but I was attracted particularly attracted to 2 of them . one’s name was Gita while other’s was Sanyukta . Sanyukta was a babe and my classmates told me about her being a slut ( since they were with her right from 1st year ). But I liked her beauty and figure very much & I used to stare at her boobs many a times (even during the lectures ) .
As time went on we became friends . After a few months she came to me and asked me whether I wanted to join a private tuition of a well known professor for a difficult subject . I readily agreed as the exams were near & I was weak in that subject . So I went with her to her home ( as that was the place where the professor was going to take tuition ) . When I reached her house I found Gita already sitting there watching t.v. As I entered she switched it off & gave me a wicked smile . Sanyukta told me to be comfortable while she changed her clothes . I sat there talking with gita . There was nobody at home except we 3 . I saw the remote control lying there and switched on the t.v.
Gita had forgotten to switch off the video ; so when I saw the t.v. to my surprise a xxx movie was on . Seeing a scene I immediately started to get erection. Noticing my erection ( as it can be easily seen through my trousers ) gita placed her hand on my growing cock. Immediately I understood that it was a plan of Gita and Sanyukta & tuition was just a pretext . I lifted her up & started planting kisses all over her face. She told me o stop!! And told me that 1st she will become completely naked an then u should become naked . I readily agreed & both of us were naked in no time . Her tits were not that big but she had an excellent ass. On seing my erect tower she grabbed it and began sucking hungrily . She sucked like a professional sucker . I came right in her mouth & she didn’t miss a single drop .
At this point of time , Sanyukta who had been watching all this made her entry with just a towel wrapped around her . She came to us and just dropped her towel and stood completely nude in front of us . On seeing those huge ballons (tits ) & her cleanly shaved pussy I grabbed her and started sucking her tits like a man thirsty from several years . She pressed my head tightly between her boobs. Meanwhile Gita was licking her cunt . Sanyukta was highly aroused & asked me to fuck her then and there . I placed my cock in her lovehole and startd with slow strides at 1st & gradually increased my pace . With this increased pace Sanyukta started shouting wildly oooooooooh aaaahhhhh Fuck me yeah fuck meeeee ooohhhh After 10 mins of pumping finally we both came together . Sanyukta told me that she has received the best fuck from me until now . After that day we 3 meet at Sanyukta’s house every afternoon to satisfy our desires untilthe next 2 months ( since the exams were approaching). Tell me how u liked my experience.
Waiting for response of every girl in colleges of Mumbai ( especially National , MMK). If any girl is intrested to share their heat or if any girl wants to share me with thier friends Please contact me on isdoshi@email.com Fucks & kisses, Sam.


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